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I’m still collecting e-mail addresses for people who would be interested in coming along to the feminist meet-up in early August. So if you are one of those people could you please send it to my submit box and then I can add you to the little mailing list I’m making.

The meet up will be in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and will hopefully be taking place on the 10th of August (I am also flexible to change this to the 18th if people are more able to make that date)

I will also be letting people know details of cheap and well located hotels if they would like to stay in Sheffield longer than the one afternoon. Aaaaand I’m looking in to getting some goodie bags together. (If anyone makes zines and would be interested in gaining some publicity please contact me)

SO what I want to know from you guys is to know what you would like from the meet-up?

Obviously, this is my first time organising an event like this and so I want your feedback. What do you think would be a cool activity? Any ideas for organisations you’d like to see get involved? 

I’ve already spoken to LaDIY Fest and Hollaback Sheffield and both are interested which is an awesome start.

So yeah, if you could let me know your ideas and thoughts I would love you forever. Probably. 

Posted on 24 May
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  1. plueschtiger said: I could make that!! So cool!!
  2. stasrhymeswithday said: I’ll be there in spirit! ;)
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