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Posted on 23 May
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Selfie Central in here this morning!
Such a bEaUtY QuEeN.

Hello Lovelies.

For my new followers - this is me, Jess. For my old ones, hello again <3
I’m in a particularly good mood today as I’m meeting my friend Laura to go fabric shopping and then for coffee and we’re starting our collective on Sunday(!)

Also, I wanted to show you all my new necklace. How cute is it?
Friend Gemma thoughtfully bought it for me as a surprise present.
It’s from a UK online store named Kukee and it was AMAZING value - £2 (plus postage but she was already ordering)

SO CUTE. I’ve worn it every day since. Thank you Gem!

Anyway, I’ll see you all later, post-fabric-shop.


Oh and P.S What do you think to my potential logo idea?

  1. bodysexgender said: Cutie! Xx
  2. queerlittleshit said: You are so fucking gorgeous
  3. rabbitsisters said: You are super cute
  4. bakewellpie said: you are so beaut and oh, you are great.
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