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I feel like I haven’t interacted with any of you properly for a few days.


Hello, everybody.
How are we all?
Doing good?

I’ve been a little absent these past few days. I’ve still been reblogging up a storm (always) and answering a couple of questions and other bits and bobs but there hasn’t seemed to be much to do around here. Sad face.

In the time being I just thought I’d come and pop some links up for the newer followers or anyone who has missed them in the past. 

SO, here are some useful/fun things for you all:

There you go. Hope you enjoy those.
If you have any suggestions for a vlog topic or songs for the feminist playlist please put those here :) 
Andddd if you have anything you want to submit please put that here!

How very efficient. 

Posted on 3 April
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