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Does anyone know anyone who could help me build a website?

I want to sort of tailor-make a layout for the blog so that certain things would be easier to find and access but I have zero clue how to do it (my html skills only extended to myspace and piczo, I’m afraid).

I’m looking for somebody to help me out. Obviously I’m a student, so have minimal cash, and it would need to be relatively cheap. Even if they could only give me some advice about how to get started on it myself that’d be amazing?

So if you can help, or know someone who can, please get in touch! :)


Posted on 29 March
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  1. sparklymermaidprincess said: my boyfriend would, he’s pretty snazzy with this kind of thing. :)
  2. j0sie said: YES my mum! This is genuinely her job now, I will ask tonight if I can pass on her email to you and you can talk business :D
  3. sassyfeminista said: Wix is a super awesome first try!
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