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25 new followers since this morning? HOLY-PATRIARCHY-SMASHING-HAMMER BATMAN: We’ve reached 1,000!

Hello followers, new, old or somewhere in between! :D

Wow. I just got home from work and logged on to tumblr to find an influx of new followers - 25 of you! Taking MIAF’s follower total up to a grand 1,007 followers.
I don’t know where you came from but thank you and welcome to our community.

I started this blog back in November and am absolutely in awe of the support I have received every single day since the beginning. I set the blog up as a positive space for feminists to be on the internet - I was sick of being shouted down, feeling alone, confused or just really upset - so this was my safe place. And now I have 1,007 of you to share that safe place with. Wow. Just wow. THANK YOU!

I’d like to take this moment to address something that’s been bothering me for a while.
I’ve seen a lot of discussion recently about how the ‘happy feminist’ (I’m paraphrasing) cannot change the world… Well, I say that’s a lie. It’s been said that to be sexy, funny or lighthearted is a betrayal - a faux feminism - we’re not angry enough, not serious enough, not shouty enough. Well I ask you; can I not be all of that? 

I take huge pleasure in introducing people to the movement, I introduce them through books such as Jess Valenti’s Full Frontal Feminism or by directing them to feminist blogs just like this one, I introduce them by talking, helping, teaching, laughing. I also argue with misogynists on a daily basis (on the internet and in real life), I shout down catcallers and god help any man who tries to grope me (or any other woman) in a club. I am angry. I donate to feminist charities, I attend marches, I put on feminist events, I challenge my friends’ and families’ world-views. I am active.

Yes I post cutesy graphics on the blog, yes I love making feminist in-jokes, yes I love TV programmes like Parks and Rec and Adventure Time who are smashing the patriarchy in their own, tiny, hilarious ways. Does this mean my feminism should not be taken seriously? No. Because underneath all this niceness and sisterly love is a real anger, an anger that myself, my friends, followers and all women around the world are still putting up with this shit. It’s a furious feminist fire that will. not. stop. until we see change. And by talking to other people like I do on the blog I am achieving change; tiny change, little every day change. Change nonetheless.

So feminist journalists of the world; think twice before you belittle those you do not deem as ‘serious’ as you. They’re damn serious alright.

And to all my followers - ask me anything, anytime, anonymously or otherwise. Send me photos, share your experiences, come to the meet up I’m hoping to organise (if you can get to it!), keep in touch and above all carry on doing your thing. 

You’re amazing. You give me hope.
All my love,

Posted on 10 March
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